Sometimes deadlines or resource constraints mean you need a bit more help and support.


Our consultancy service BSPOKE enables you to deliver digital services that solve problems for your business, team or customers.

We create these solutions quickly and reliably and provide your internal team across departments with all the training, skills and technology needed to grow the service in the future.

Workshop & Discovery

We work with you and your team to identify the real problems and priorities in your business and understand what is needed to solve them. From the problems we identify, we establish if a digital service can solve any of these.

During the workshop, together we sketch out how this digital service solves the problem. Once that is established we evaluate how this service should be interacted with; mobile app, website, voice interface, chatbot or an algorithm.

If the stakeholders in the workshop agree this is a valid problem to solve, and the proposed solution is suitable, we progress to phase 2. If not, we move onto the next problem.

Prototype & Test

We produce a rapid prototype application to validate the problem. This prototype is made available to you and your team to evaluate and feedback. The signed off prototype then forms the codebase to help train our team.


We liaise with your internal development team to understand how we can get the data needed either out of or into your internal business systems. Once established this is feasible technically, and within the desired timeframes we work together with your team to define a set of API integrations needed.

Get your systems ready

We get the digital service into the hands of your users as soon as it functions. The aim is to gain their insight and ensure this service solves their problem. Our feedback and iterate approach means we interact almost daily with the users and your team to iron out bugs and tweak the user experience.

Get your people ready

We work with you and your internal team to educate and train them for this new service. Our job is to ensure the people in your business understand what the purpose this service has and empower them to engage with it, and it’s users. We will work with people across your organisation from your development team, to marketing, customer support and HR.


Once the digital service goes live, we will track and monitor the performance and support request for a period to ensure there is a rapid engagement to iron out any issues during its launch period.

Depending on your organisation's desire we can then hand to your internal team to become custodians. Alternatively, we can perform that role and be the product team for this service and report back to the business with its progress and development on a weekly or monthly basis.

Ensuring the service remains relevant to user needs and remains technical competent as the landscape of technology continuously changes.

Are your team ready?